Here’s how I can help you

(There is no cost for anything I offer)

24 Hour Prayer/Ministry Line (call or text)
You can call or text any day, at any hour, when you need prayer, spiritual guidance or just a friend to encourage you. You can take comfort in knowing that you are never alone – you have a Pastor that’s just a phone call away 24/7!
Weekly Encouragement
Once a week, I will send a 2 minute inspiring audio message to your phone. And, if you’re on the list, I pray for you regularly. These quick little words from God can give you strength and a sense of direction, in the middle of your week!
To sign up: text the hotline above and let us know.
(1 msg a week, op-out anytime – continental US/Canada only)
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Free Book
You can download a digital copy of “God’s Forgotten Plan For A Nation In Political Chaos” free of charge, or get a printed copy at cost ($6 which includes the shipping). This is a short, straight-forward message that will help you escape the stress of America’s political noise. Get your copy here: Free Book
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Personal Ministry
If you have persistent issues in your life that need to be dealt with, I can help. I have personally been delivered from many strongholds, addictive patterns, and besetting sins through the power of Jesus Christ. I have also experienced God’s supernatural inner healing of deep emotional wounds. Regardless of what it is that keeps you in bondage – fear, anger, pornography, drugs, broken relationships, abuse, depression…the power and authority of Jesus Christ can set you free! What I offer is not psychological counseling, but rather, spiritual ministry in the Holy Spirit. Many stay enslaved because they are too embarrassed to ask for help – but, I can reassure you that I have seen and heard it all, and confession is like letting go of a huge weight – embarrassment quickly gives way to a sense of empowerment!
Group Ministry
I will come and minister to your gathering, whether it be your family, Bible study, home group, or church. Perhaps you aren’t a preacher, but you may hold the key that opens a door to let one in. I am equally as comfortable preaching and teaching to the lost or the saved. It may surprise you, how open your employees and co-workers might be to hearing the words of God, from an outside voice who comes into the work place as a designated chaplain.
Evangelism Mentoring
If you want to share Jesus Christ with others, I can help you. I can teach you some simple ways to get started, and help you feel more comfortable. Years of hands-on experience have taught me a lot of valuable lessons. I will share my understanding, anointing, and prayerful guidance. And, you will become a powerful witness for the Kingdom, and bear much fruit!
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The Meaning of Life Video
The Meaning of Life Video on the home page of this website contains a well thought out and engaging presentation of the gospel. You can use that page as a tool to share Jesus Christ with others. Help others find it and watch it by posting links on social media, email, and text. I can supply you with free business cards, yard signs, and decals that will direct people to the video.