Read The Bible

New to the Bible? Here’s what to expect:

The Bible is the most printed and translated book in history, written by over 40 authors, as God told them to write, across a span of 1500 years. It consists of 2 parts that divide history, the “Old Testament” (from creation, to Jesus Christ coming to Earth), and the “New Testament” (from Jesus coming to Earth, to the end of the world). The Old Testament consists of 39 books, and the New Testament consists of 27 books. Each book is divided into chapters, and each chapter is divided into verses, this makes it very easy to find a particular passage (written with book, chapter, and verse like this: Luke 6:20).

God shares his heart, and explains himself through the Bible. The goal is not to know the Bible, but to know Jesus Christ. God’s word teaches us what he expects from us, but the heart of it is more like a love letter, than a how-to manual. Reading the Bible is a spiritual experience, and you should expect to have a life-changing encounter with the Holy Spirit of God, each time you open his book! The BibleHub link below will open to a great starting place – the Gospel of Luke. “Gospel” is Greek for “good news”!

BibleHub is a free on-line Bible with multiple translations, search features, and study tools. They also offer an excellent, free phone app.
E-Bible offers a free downloadable version of the Bible in audio, pdf, mobile html, epub, Kindle, crossfire, and Office Word formats.