Audio Messages

Audio Messages

Just Say Jesus

Inspiring, and every Christian should hear it! Pastor James looked long and hard for a copy (a favorite!). David Allbritton was an amazing soul winner all over the world, and he had the best stories to share. In this simple but powerful message, he uses his own experiences to convey the power that’s in the name of Jesus. It’s a fun message, and although David’s in Heaven now, his ministry continues to motivate others!

The following are copies of the weekly
phone messages from Pastor James:

Two minute nuggets of powerful truth.

#1 Dwelling Among Us

One of the most important sentences in the Bible is found in John 1:14.

#2 Apart From Me

Attempting to accomplish things outside of Jesus Christ has no eternal value.

#3 It Is Finished

Our whole life hinges on what Jesus has already done.

#4 Strength Through Prayer

Prayer is the most fundamental aspect of the Christian life, and you will never live beyond your prayer life.

#5 Strength Through Intimacy

In the Kingdom, it’s not what you know that matters, it’s who you know, and the focus of God’s creation has always been intimate relationship.

#6 Faith, Hope, Love

Faith, hope, and love are the foundational things for a relationship with God, and they all work together.

#7 New Year Do-Over

God has sectioned off our lives in seasons, months, days, hours, and minutes (Gen 1:14) for our benefit.

#8 Prayer Priority

There is only one thing we can do that will guarantee a positive influence on everything else in our life, and that’s prayer.

#9 Situations Change Us

Oftentimes, God is less concerned about changing your situation, and more concerned about using your situation to change you.

#10 Godly Wisdom

Asking God for wisdom in every situation is an often overlooked aspect of the Christian life.

#11 No Other Name

All false religions recognize man’s need to be elevated beyond his current condition, but the true and living God accomplishes this for us, because humans are incapable of fixing themselves.

#12 Already In The Kingdom

You may be waiting for Heaven, but you’re already in the Kingdom, and should be taking advantage of its benefits now.

#13 Passionate Love

God creating you was deliberate and meaningful, not random chance, and every hair on your head is numbered (Matt. 10).

#14 The Work Of Grace

Grace is the empowering presence of God doing an on-going work inside of you through the Holy Spirit.

#15 Blessed Are The Poor In Spirit

Jesus said, “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for the Kingdom belongs to them.” (Matt 5) This message gives understanding to that truth.

#16 Choosing Who Can Stay

You are the gatekeeper of your life. You set the boundaries and decide which things are allowed to influence you.

#17 Sowing and Reaping

Sowing and Reaping are a principle that effects everything in our life…not just money!

#18 Bread of Heaven

Humans need strength from God, and you have to partake to get it.

#19 He Will Finish It

We don’t just rely on Jesus to get us saved, we rely on Him to keep us, and perfect our holiness.

#20 The Love Commandment

God loves us, but he expects us to love Him back, and it’s not optional.

#21 The I Am

Moses asked for God’s name, but Jesus revealed not only His name, but His character.

#22 Extravagant Worship

Worship is a lifestyle. It’s more than words, it’s an expression with your life.

#23 Desperate Times

Our place of safety, comfort and rest is hidden in Christ.

#24 Prisoner of Christ

Paul called himself a prisoner of Christ, and this really shows the nature of his devotion.

#25 He Knows Those Who Love Him

Only one thing will matter when we stand before Jesus at the judgment throne.

#26 O My Soul

Being victorious by taking authority over your own mind, will, and emotions.

#27 God’s Word

There’s a great source of treasure sitting right there in your home.

#28 No Eye Has Seen

Why would so many believers, down through the ages, pay such a high price to stay with Christ?

#29 The Love Treasure

Hear why Jesus and Satan both know that the only thing of value in this world is human souls.

#31 Heaven’s Open Door

John looked into Heaven and saw an open door…

#32 Decision Making Power

Decisions should be made from a place deeper than human intellect and emotions.

#33 Be Separate

Christians are called to a unique force in this world.

#34 Who Is John

The Apostle John could have referred to himself by the flattering nickname Jesus gave him, “Son of Thunder”, but instead, choose to refer to himself by something much different…

#35 Consuming Fire

How would God describe Himself (hint: we don’t have to guess, He told us).

#36 Closer Than Ever

The fullness of our salvation is much closer now than when we first believed.

#37 Seek First The Kingdom

Blessing and victory come by having your priorities right.

#38 The Great Divide

Jesus Christ has drawn a line in the sand, and nobody is in the middle.

#39 Meaning of Life Video Anouncement

A lifelong dream realized in the Meaning of Life Video as a modern gospel tool for the Church.

#40 Peace Ruling

Happiness is not something you acquire on the outside!

#42 Sin No More

The sacrifice of Christ brought us forgiveness, but it also brought us the power to “sin no more”.

#43 Greater Works

There is something you can do for the Kingdom that Christ couldn’t.