Answers to Common Spiritual Questions
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Is there only one God?

Does the Bible talk about other gods?

Do all faiths lead to the same God?

If I believe in science, how can I believe in God?

What is God's personality like, gentle or scary, serious or casual?

Should we love God or fear Him?

What is God's name?

Why can't we see God?

How does God speak to people?

How do I learn to hear God more clearly?

Why does God allow suffering?

What is love?

What is Faith?

What is hope?

How do faith, hope, and love work together?

What is grace?

Is God Angry?

What is the #1 priority in life for a christian?

What does God have to say about politics?


Is Jesus God?

What makes Jesus unique among prophets and teachers?

What's important about Jesus coming to earth as a man?

How should Mary, the mother of Jesus, be honored?

The Holy Spirit

What is the Holy Spirit?

What does the Holy Spirit do on earth?

What is the fruit of the Holy Spirit?

What are gifts of the Holy Spirit?


Why did God create mankind?

What causes humans to be evil?

Do women have a lower place than men in God's creation?

What is a real saint?

Are the Jews God's chosen people, and what does that mean?

What does God forbid in sex?

How does a relationship with God effect marriage?

Prayer and Worship

How do you pray?

What is worship?

How do I get my prayers answered?

Should we pray to saints or angels?

Angels, Demons, and the Devil

What are angels?

Can humans summons angels and/or give them orders?

Are the devil (Satan, Lucifer), and demons real?

Do humans have authority over demons and the devil?

Can demons possess or control humans?

How can I be delivered if I am oppressed by evil?

The Bible

What makes the Bible miraculously unique and trustworthy?

Which Bible translation is the best one?

Should we read the Apocrypha/Deuterocanonical books?

Should I read Christian books other than the Bible?

The Church and Organized Religion

What is the church?

Why so many churches - catholic, baptist, non-denominational...?

Why does the Church get opposed, persecuted, and martyred?

Do Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses teach the truth?

Why do people hate in the name of religion?

What about preachers always asking for money?

Why are so many Christians hypocrites?

Does it really matter if Christians stick together?

What is a prophet?

Which is more important, doctrine or personal experience in the Holy Spirit?

How is leadership suppose to work in the church?

Should women have leadership roles in ministry?

Are we required to obey church leadership?


What is sin?

What is the worst sin?

How many sins, and which ones cause you to go to Hell?

What is the proof that I have not committed the unpardonable sin?

Is masturbation a sin?

Is homosexuality a sin?

Can people who commit suicide go to Heaven?

Is it a sin to be angry?

Is there ever a time when it's okay to hate?

What is the most important law in God's Kingdom?


How do I get God to forgive me?

Do I have to forgive others who have hurt me?

What if I repented but still feel ashamed?

What should I do if I regularly have bad thoughts?

I am a horrible person, how do I know that God will accept me?

My sins are extremely bad, how do I know I can be forgiven?

Heaven, Hell and Death

Is there a Hell?

Would a loving God punish people in Hell?

What is heaven like?

What if I'm afraid of Heaven, Hell, or death?

What about Purgatory/praying for the dead?

What about children who die?

What about pets that die?

Will God judge all humans?

Signs, Wonders, Miracles and Spiritual Gifts

What are signs, wonders and miracles?

Does God do miracles in modern times?

How do you know if a miracle is from God or the devil?

Spiritual Power, Ghost, Witchcraft and Sorcery

Is talking to spirits, like fortune telling, real - can we talk to the dead?

What about things like sorcery, wizardry, witchcraft, and magic?

What about ghost and UFOs?

Money and Possesions

What does God think about money?

Is God supposed to provide the things I need?

Addictions and Deliverance

How can Jesus free me from addictions and compulsive behaviors?

Is there help in Jesus Christ for people who are mentally ill?

Sickness and Healing

How can Jesus heal emotional wounds from my past?

Is any life beyond repair for God?

Does God heal sickness and disease?

Can I be free from depression and hopelessness?

Can I be free from fear?

Can I be free from anger?

How can most stress in life be eliminated?