A special note for you, if you're hurting:

If you're hurting, maybe even wanting to end your life or hurt others out of frustration - it's no accident that you found your way here: God is trying to help you! There are times when I lay awake at night and worry about you, even though we've never met, I know you're out there because I've been right where you're at. If Jesus Christ can set me free, He can set you free too. He commanded the darkness in my life to leave and healed my wounds. He calmed my anger and my fears. He filled me with peace and joy beyond words! I wish it were possible right now to reach out and wrap my arms around you, but please know that Jesus Christ prepared this website...this note...and this moment, to let you know that he has seen your pain and your tears, you are loved, and you are important!

You can have a whole new life, but it will take a series of miracles that only God can accomplish with His strength, and it will take your cooperation. You must rely on the powerful presence of Jesus to start fresh right now, so that He can begin fixing everything that is broken.

I love you and you're not alone,
Pastor James signature

Here's a good place to start:

Jesus, I'm hurting and I need you, come and save me! I need someone bigger than myself, bigger than my problems, and bigger than my wounds to come and rescue me. Please help me to know the presence of your Holy Spirit in this room right now and comfort me with your love. Many people have hurt me Jesus, please help me forgive them and start healing the wounds in my heart. I admit that I've made some bad decisions and I've done some bad things along the way, but I want forgiveness and rest in your merciful arms. I want the strength to abandon everything sinful so that I can be changed on the inside and free from the darkness that's in my life. I'm deciding right now, Jesus, to start coming to you every day to get the peace and happiness that I need. Give me a new life one day at a time, and please start by using your power and authority to drive out depression, suicide, anger, and hopelessness...(add anything that comes to mind that you know is destructive in your life).