This page was designed to reach out to those who are already saved, however others could certainly benefit from some of the resources.

That was a visual reminder:
If your life is in Jesus Christ, you are the light of the world.
You have what others need to escape the darkness!
The following short video message will motivate you, as we are
reminded of what Christ had to say specifically to our generation
- His words are both a warning and an encouragement!
Ways I Can Help You:
24 Hour Hotline (call or text): (682) 241-4499
You can call or text any day, at any hour, when you need prayer, spiritual guidance or just a friend to encourage you. You can take comfort in knowing that you are never alone - you have a Pastor that's just a phone call away 24/7!
Meaning of Life YouTube ChannelComing Soon!
I'm so excited to announce that our YouTube channel will launch by Nov 3rd, and stirring new content will be uploaded about once a week! The Holy Spirit has been preparing my heart all year, and leading me through the learning curve necessary to produce high quality videos. We are almost ready to make the first batch of videos public, and He has assured me that these videos will produce much fruit - glory to the King!
Weekly Encouragement
Once a week, I will send a short inspiring recorded message to your phone. Sometimes, all we need is a little encouragement to stay in a place of faith and shift our focus back to Jesus. And, I will pray for you before I send the message, believing that the Holy Spirit will impart the Lord's strength into your week! Listening to this scripture based message will leave you feeling more confident, and it may be the best 20 second investment that you make all week!

To sign up, text the word "weekly" to 682.241.4499.
(1 msg a week / Opt-out anytime) (Continental US, Hawaii, and Canada only)

Free Book
You can download a digital copy of "God's Forgotten Plan For A Nation In Political Chaos" free of charge, or get a printed copy at cost ($6 which includes the shipping). This is a short, straight-forward message that every Christian in America needs to hear. Get your copy here: Free Book
Individual Ministry
If you have persistant issues in your life that need to be dealt with, I can help. I have personally been delivered from many strongholds, addictive patterns, and besetting sins through the power of Jesus Christ. I have also experienced God's supernatural inner healing of deep emotional wounds. Regardless of what it is that keeps you in bondage - fear, anger, pornography, drugs, broken relationships, abuse, depression...the power and authority of Jesus Christ can set you free! What I offer is not psychological counseling, but rather, spiritual ministry in the Holy Spirit. Many stay enslaved because they are too embarrassed to ask for help - but, I can reassure you that I have seen and heard it all, and confession is like letting go of a huge weight - embarassment quickly gives way to a sense of empowerment!

(Read how the power of God is multiplied when two believers take a stand together: Unity!)

Group Ministry
I'm willing to come and minister to your gathering, whether it be your family, Bible study, home group, or church. Perhaps you aren't a preacher, but you may hold the key that opens a door, to let one in. I am equally as comfortable preaching and teaching to the lost or the saved. It may surprise you, how open your employees and co-workers might be to hearing the words of God, from an outside voice who comes into the work place as a designated chaplain.
Free Teachings
I am currently building a library of teachings, that can be found here: Questions. The teachings come in the form of answers to a comprehensive list of questions about all things related to God. These teachings are a great opportunity for a seeker or new Christian to get answers and lay a solid foundation, however, seasoned Believers can also have fresh encounters with Christ through these. I believe that these scripture rich teachings will leave you feeling strong, with a deep sense of how alive your beliefs are.
Evangelism Mentoring
If you want to share Jesus with others, I can help you. I can teach you some simple ways to get started, and help you feel more comfortable. Years of hands-on experience have taught me a lot of valuable lessons. By sharing the secrets I've learned, I can put you on the fast track to being a powerful witness and help you avoid the pitfalls.

If you need evangelism tools, I can supply you with some, help you create your own gospel tracts, and/or introduce you to some of the resources that I use.

Meaning of Life Gospel Page
The home page of this website is a thorough, well thought out presentation of the gospel. You can use that page as a tool to help you share the gospel with others. Help others find it and read it by posting links in social media, email, and text. We can even supply you with free eye-catching business cards that direct people to the website. Home Page
Ways You Can Help Me:
Because of abuses we've seen, most of us cringe when we see a preacher with his hand out. However, it would be a grave error to stop supporting the work of the kingdom, just because a few greedy men have taken advantage. If you want to be a participant, instead of a spectator, it comes with a cost...but, it also comes with a reward! One way or another, you have to invest Time and/or Money, in order to help others. If you share in the burden now, then you will share in the reward when we stand before the Lord.

Invest Time

I desparately value your passionate, genuine prayer on my behalf. Jesus said, "Apart from me you can do nothing" (Jn 15:5), and we access the very life and power of Jesus Christ through prayer. It would be impossible for me do what I do without much prayer! Repeatedly, the Apostle Paul thanks the church on behalf of his ministry team for, "helping us through your prayers" (2 Cor 1:11, Phil 1:19). Sign-up for my monthly prayer update, and you'll know what's happening in our ministry, and what our prayer needs are.

Other ways that you could invest time would be on the streets sharing the gospel beside me, or perhaps volunteering to do tasks closer to home, such as folding gospel tracts. If you have a talent, service or product that you want to donate, let us know and we'll see how it fits into the various things we're doing.

If you want to add a 'Meaning of Life' link to your website or social media account, go HERE for images and codes.

Invest Money
I don't like money, I usually wash my hands after handling it, but naturally, I enjoy having enough of it to get things done! As with all things in this world, resources are an essential part of getting the work done, and we always need funds for a variety of expenses - book publishing and printing, Bibles, tracts, web hosting, etc.

I currently work full time and fund the majority of this ministry by the sweat of my back. We can win more souls and better strengthen the church, with your help - it's that simple. We are not established as a non-profit yet (not enough money to hire an attorney), therefore your donations are not tax deductable, however your Master has promised: "Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured back to you." (Lk 6:38)