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Just Say Jesus (by David Allbritton)
This message will inspire you, and every christian should hear it! We had to look long and hard for a copy - quality isn't perfect, but it's an all time favorite. David Allbritton was an amazing soul winner who lead people to Christ all over the world, and he always had the best stories to share. In this simple but powerful message, he uses some of his favorite testimonies to demonstrate the power that's in the name of Jesus. It's a fun message to listen to, and although David's in Heaven now, his ministry continues to motivate others!

These are copies of the weekly phone messages:
1-2 minute nuggets packed with powerful truths

#1 Dwelling Among Us
One of the most important sentences in the Bible is found in John 1:14.

#2 Apart From Me
Attempting to accomplish things outside of Jesus Christ has no eternal value.

#3 It Is Finished
We should live our life depending on what Jesus Christ has already accomplished for us.

#4 Strength Through Prayer
Prayer is the most fundamental aspect of the Christian life, and you will never live beyond your prayer life.

#5 Strength Through Intimacy
In the Kingdom, it's not what you know that matters, it's who you know, and the focus of God's creation has always been intimate relationship.

#6 Faith, Hope, Love
Faith, hope, and love are the foundational things for a relationship with God, and they all work together.

#7 New Year Do-Over
God has sectioned off our lives in seasons, months, days, hours, and minutes (Gen 1:14) for our benefit.

#8 Prayer Priority
There is only one thing we can do, that will guarantee a positive influence on everything else in our life, and that's prayer.

#9 Situations Change Us
Often times, God is less concerned about changing your situation, and more concerned about using your situation to change you.

#10 Godly Wisdom
Asking God for wisdom in every situation, is an often overlooked aspect of the Christian life.

#11 No Other Name
All false religions recognize man's need to be elevated beyond his current condition, but the true and living God accomplishes this for us, because humans are incapable of fixing themselves.

#12 Already In The Kingdom
You may be waiting for Heaven, but you're already in the Kingdom, and should be taking advantage of it's benefits now.

#13 Passionate Love
God creating you was deliberate and meaningful, not random chance, and every hair on your head is numbered (Matt. 10).

#14 The Work Of Grace
Grace is the empowering presence of God doing an on-going work inside of you through the Holy Spirit.

#15 Blessed Are The Poor In Spirit
Jesus said, "Blessed are the poor in spirit, for the Kingdom belongs to them." (Matt 5) This message gives understanding to that truth.

#16 Choosing Who Can Stay
You are the gate keeper of your life. You set the boundaries and decide which things are allowed to influence you.