How does God speak to people??

God speaks regularly to those who belong to Him, and He has an expectation that they will listen, hear, and obey.(James 1:22, Luke 11:28) Jesus said, "My sheep listen to my voice, I know them and they follow me." (Jn 10:27) There are at least 9 distinct ways that God speaks to humans. The first and most preeminent is through the Bible. God, in His infinite wisdom and mercy knew that humans would need a foundation of truth, written in black and white, with their own language, that they could refer back to on a continual basis. God's methods may be unpredictable from situation to situation. However, everything God is saying and doing will always agree with His previously established personality and plans for mankind, as revealed in the bible, because these do not change! (Mal 3:6) Everything you hear, see, believe, and do, should be carefully compared with the truth in the Bible; all other ways that you hear from God must agree with the Bible or else be rejected as a lie! God has given us a simple and effective way to avoid deception but most people are either too lazy to study their Bible, or else, just don't love the truth (this is where all cults, false religions, and false teachers get their start) (2 Cor 2:10). The Bible warns that Satan can disguise himself as an angel of light, and even if an angel comes to you and preaches a different gospel than what was already given to you, don't receive it (2 Cor 11:14, Gal 1:8), but sadly, the founder of Mormonism is a heartbreaking example of someone who did not take heed to these scriptures, and consequently, has led millions into deception.

Every believer should mature in their relationship with Jesus, to the point where they learn to hear His voice directly from the ever present Holy Spirit (Jn 14:26). The Spirit of God speaks to man's spirit within him. Occasionally, God will speak to a person with an audible voice, but it is very rare, because God is teaching you to connect with Him on a deeper level than your natural senses. Holy Spirit-to-human spirit communication, coupled with reading the Bible, is the core foundation of a Christian life.

Other ways God speaks to you:

Conscience: Mankind was created in God's image, not equal to God, but like Him in character and desire. And, even though mankind's heart has been hardened by sin, people still have a conscience (Rom 1:19), to varying degrees, depending on how hard their heart has become (Rom 1:28). For example, every normal human being inherently and universally finds the idea of murder repulsive.
Counsel: God has provided the benefit of having other people around you so that you can draw off of their wisdom and experience, and this is a big part of why Jesus established the church. (Prov 15:22)
Circumstances: There are times when it will be obvious that doors of opportunity are either being closed or opened by God to direct your life. (Rev 3:7)
Spiritual gifts: God will often give correction, direction, or encouragement through other people by way of a spiritual gifts such as preaching, teaching, and prophecy. Prophetic gifts are beautiful and precious, as are all gifts, but there's no need to make anything weird or complicated out of it. God simply sends a message to someone through another person. It's novel to have someone prophecy to you, however it is always preferable for you to hear the voice of the Lord yourself. (1 Cor 14:3, 1 Cor 14:24-25, Acts 2:17-18)
Dreams: God has been known to speak to people by giving them spiritual dreams, however, bear in mind that random dreams which have no meaning at all, are common and should not be misinterpreted to mean something spiritual that they are not.( Acts 2:17-18, Matt 27:19, Job 33:15)
Visions: These are things visualized either in your mind or with your natural eyes.( Acts 2:17-18, Acts 11:5, Acts 22:17, Acts 10:3, Rev 1:10)
Angels: There are several accounts in the Bible of people having encounters with God's messengers, the angels. This is rare, and one should always remember, as exciting as the idea of seeing an angel may sound, the Bible usually describes it as a fearful and overwhelming experience. It is not mankinds place to ever conjure up or command angels, and at no time should any angel ever be worshiped, prayed to, or sought out for advice or miracles. (Acts 12:7, Luke 1:28, Acts 10:3, Acts 27:23, Col 2:18, Gal 1:8, Dan 10:9)
Things in life: God can and does get His point across through the things you encounter in life, like for instance: books, movies, art, and music. On one occasion, God even caused a donkey, owned by a man named balaam, to speak to him in a human voice (Num 22:28).
Audible voice: Although rare, God does occasionally speak to humans in a voice that can be heard with your physical ears. However, as much as any of us may wish for such a thing, it could prove to be an overwhelming experience, depending on the situation (Luke 9:34-35, Job 42:5, Acts 9:4, John 12:28).
Everything you recieve from your conscience, human counsel, circumstances, preaching, teaching, prophecy, dreams, visions, angels, or any other source, must agree with the Bible or be rejected as a lie! It is your responsibility to carefully study the Bible in order to protect yourself from deception!